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Team Brisbane Sports

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Scroll and click on the links to the clubs you are interested in.

Many groups like to be contacted first. For running, walking, touch football, soccer, just turn up before the advertised time. For water polo, register for a boot camp. Follow the links from to the groups you are interested in. Tennis, Water polo, swimming, soccer and ... would appreciated you register first. Dodgeball, basketball, hiking, cycling, water polo, rugby and ...? have varying times so you need to join or contact first.

Start a Sport

Want to start or join a sport that is not shown here? Then help setup your sport. We can help you advertise and setup your organisation. Advertise your sport . Contact us now.  For example, there are people interested in kayaking, badminton, squash, AFL, softball, table tennis and more, but just need someone to organise the group. Volunteer now! Perhaps you can help advertise and organise the start of these sports?

Help / Volunteer

Can you help us advertise or run LGBTIQA+ sports in SEQ? Contact us now.

Upcoming Events

Typical Weekly LGBTI+ friendly group exercise options in Brisbane:

Monday - Walking 6pm Captain Burke Park, Running, Women's Water polo games, Basketball? & 630pm Rugby Union training

Tennis 655pm to 955pm at Queensland Tennis Centre, Tennyson

Tuesday - Soccer training 6pm, Zoomies Running 6pm, 645pm Swimming at Centenary pool, Water polo (Mixed games)

Wednesday - Rugby Union training 630pm & Basketball

Tennis 655pm to 955pm at Griffith Uni Tennis Centre, Mt Gravatt

Thursday - 6pm Running, 6pm Walking, 615pm Water polo training 645pm Swimming

Friday - Volleyball Friday evenings

Saturday - 6am running with PT group in South Brisbane, Brisbane Frontrunners often have small groups informally join the larger weekend morning running groups, Two hiking groups, Soccer, Cycling, Scuba Diving, 

social tennis from 1030am to 130pm

Tennis coaching 1030am to 1230am at Queensland Tennis Centre, Tennyson depending on skill level

Volleyball social games 330pm to 6pm book via Spikers chat




Team Brisbane Sports (ABN 12 573 176 313) is a non-for-profit sporting community based in Brisbane, Australia.  It's focus is to promote inclusiveness, acceptance and healthy lifestyles through sport, recreation and fitness activities within the LGBTIQ+. 


The objective of this site is to help people find LGBTIQ+ friendly sports in Brisbane.


Each sport is run independently by a separate group. Feel free to browse our affiliated teams and get in contact with them or us for further information.  

Everyone is welcome! 

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Team Brisbane Sports

ABN 12 573 176 313

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